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Radical Inclusion of Whole Being

Ecocentric | Soulcentric
Somatic Therapy
Assisted Self Discovery

Antonia Vanoro


We must go far beyond any transformation of contemporary culture.
We must go back to the genetic imperative from which human cultures emerge originally and from which they can never be separated without losing their integrity and their survival capacity.

None of our existing cultures can deal with this situation out of its own resources.

We must invent, or reinvent, a sustainable human culture by a descent into our pre-rational, our instinctive resources.

Our cultural resources have lost their integrity. They cannot be trusted. What is needed is not transcendence but “inscendence,” not the brain but the gene.

—Thomas Berry, the Dream of the Earth

''I feel like a different person after working with Antonia for just 2 sessions. Through our work, I was able to uncover and start to heal childhood wounds that I didn’t know I had, even after many years of talk therapy. Her deeply caring and intuitive approach made it very easy to share, connect and quickly get to the heart of the matter. I’m so grateful to have found her!''
" My work with Antonia took me through all the layers of my existence.  It was profound and deep to access the earthly and ancestral programs while at the same time feeling the support and information from above.  She deftly navigates the realms while you remain present in the now of the experience, moving and processing all that is.  I highly recommend Antonia for anyone who is ready to step into their next level of becoming. "
~ Rebecca
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