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Retreats & Workshops
Retreats are offered in various locations.

Trees and Mountains

Exclusive 1-7 Day  
Retreats in the Berkshire Mountains

  • For those who want to deepen connection to self, body and soul.

  • Catalyze creative breakthroughs

  • Deepen self-understanding relationship understandings, your relationship with with your destiny and how you share your gifts with your community

  • Heal, deepen your relationship with your partner or loved one

  • lay the foundations for next steps in living your calling in life.

Embark on a transformative journey, encountering your depths, igniting creative revelations & embodiment.




  • Immersive + experiential sessions

  • Breath work

  • Body work

  • Art therapy

  • Embodiment practices

  • Ceremonies and rituals

  • Voice exploration

  • Body work & Energy work

  • Lunch, snacks and dinner the days you are with me (all meals are organic whole foods. Meals are customised for you and what will support your body constitution.

  • Solo time with suggested + optional solo practices

This retreat is a sacred space, meticulously crafted and tailored to your unique essence. Every step, every breath, is an intentional act that leads you towards profound healing and self-discovery.


In this sanctuary of the soul, you will be guided with care and compassion as you traverse the landscapes of your inner world.


Interested in coordinating a group or personal retreat?


  • If you are not already a client, we'll have a discovery call with you  (if you have a group, I will talk with each person) to connect

       and learn more and see if all feels like a good fit.

  • If we are a yes,  I will send you / your group an intake form 

  • We will have at minimum, 3 preliminary weekly zoom sessions to establish rapport crystallise intensions, practice deepening in the experiential somatic healing/Wholing sessions.

  • You'll come for your in person retreat 

  • We will have at minimum, between 3/4+ sessions on video or in person in the weeks/months afterwards to integrate and continue to weave the unfoldments, truths and revelations alive in your body, in your life.

Support Group Circle

& Small Group Retreats

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This Year-long Online Journey is Ideal for you if you are unsure of where or how to start

  • Do you want to serve a client base but you feel that you still have some gaps to fill?

  • Do you feel that you still need to deepen your own personal practices before you can show up professionally?

  • Are you struggling with your value, imposter syndrome or trusting your intuition?

  • Are you seeking support to cultivate your abilities and embody your inner healer?

If you felt the slightest tug in your heart when you read this, then I can help!

Stepping into your Medicine is a Live 12 x month group mentorship and a women’s circle to support you in stepping into your service, accessing your inner healer, and cultivating your gifts & medicine for the world while deepening a sense of community and colleagueship.

This women’s mentorship circle will support you in stepping into and/or deepening your own service, releasing any ancient patterns and emotions, and cultivating the empowered soul that you are and the medicine that you carry so that you can embody your wisdom and step into serving the world!

Hands Together
Kissing in Nature
In love
In Love

Deepening Intimacy | 
Harmonizing Connection &

An Advanced Relationship Immersive | Relationality for Singles and Couples

A Month-long Online Experiential Journey


Pre-Registration Open Now:
To be Scheduled at Capacity

Private Couples Retreats 
Just for you & your partner

Loving Couple

So much of our core suffering in relationship is rooted in relational and ancestral trauma. The cure is most deeply found in relationship.


Couples counselling approach is informed by Gottman, Kessler's survival strategies, attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, Hakomi Therapy, Diamond Approach, and Gestalt Therapy & Family Constellations. It represents a mindful, body-based, experiential, and trauma-informed process modeled on how external relationship dynamics reflect the internal patterns and survival strategies that have been active for good reason in the past, and now those strategies are preventing us from living the love we are and receiving the love we want.


These frozen psychic time blocks are undercharged or overcharged inside some of the 7 centres of the body.

These imbalances create distorted and painful dynamics encountered in relationship and can be experienced as a trauma response, where we may re-act from a frozen psychic time block.

Bringing tracking skills, presence, awareness, curiosity, compassion mixed with body based experiments and inquiry,  we begin healing core survival strategies that are active in the unconscious will.

This consciousness, this wisdom, will bring about healing in the relationship to self, the relationship to your partner, your family and colleagues, also to the physical body, restoring a healthy relational ecology. 

-- balancing freedom and connection, honoring cycles of differentiation, individuation and integration. Moving toward the interdependent partnership of two whole and separate individuals.

The shared growth journey of two ever-changing people remains a lifelong process.
A gift of shared deepening love, trust, truth fulfilment and meaning. 
We can discover true nature through relationship as a spiritual practice. 


Common issues for many couples include:
  • Communication and negotiation,

  • Personal and relational boundaries,

  • Differentiation and individuation,

  • Unmet needs,

  • inllaws and family integration.

  • Many couples seek therapy after an affair,

  • At the point of breakup,

  • When feeling neglected or smothered by a partner,

  • When continuously triggered by a partner's behavior that doesn't seem to change,

  • or when feeling emotionally numb, like living a ships passing in the night kind of thing.


Trauma disturbs one's ability to connect and remain connected at an intimate level. Seemingly harmless words or actions can trigger a change in states and instant conflict.

There's an ongoing process of differentiation, recognizing what is, grieving what was, discerning whats true and integrating all of this into the present moment. 

In our work we begin with foundational concepts and somatic explorative practices based in our sentience and understanding the 5 core survival strategies that exist and manifest in our personalities and deeper layers of seeing and experiencing ourselves in the world. 

The understandings of our patterns help us understand the primary and ancestral experiences that inform and influence the lens we perceive the world from and how we interact relate react or respond in relationship.

As you deepen and progress, we work with advanced somatic practices and processes that help you to find clarity, connection, compassion and care towards yourselves and your partner into our everyday lives.

We want to learn how to be with each other in a way that will deepen and expand the relationship, give it the freedom, and the opportunity to develop its potential.

Just as our soul can develop, our relationships can develop. A relationship between two people is a kind of soul, a type of field of consciousness; it can either be blurred to its true nature or it can be transparent to it.

Transparency and congruence of the individual and couple allows the luminosity of true will or true nature to manifest within the relationshipand through it. Such transparency requires both people to be sincere in their interaction, caring about what happens in and to the field.

We move in the realms of- "I have the opportunity here to discover and experience your truth, and mine, and to learn how we can both develop further through the depth of our relationship.

The more I come to know you, to truly see you, the more I come to know myself. "

Each Person, each relationship, each interaction, is special is unique with special gifts preferences, woundings, truths etc, Each interaction is an opportunity for life to manifest its possibilities.

If you feel yourself on the fence about the relationship, this is an opportunity to clarify your own truth.


If you want out, this may be a chance to honor yourself while at the same time giving yourself and your partner the gift of understanding the big picture and perhaps the ability to avoid getting stuck and repeating the same relationship again in the future.

If you are here to repair the relationship, this is a chance to get to know yourself and your partner better -- to honor the strengths and pains of both partners.

It is also an opportunity to learn ways to learn to self sooth, self regulate and to help co-regulate and feel connected -- as a team facing this world together.

If we can physically experience, in session, a felt sense of love and safety, the entire relationship changes. Defenses soften, or even collapse as the trauma begins to heal through the truths revealed and allow an upward spiral in connection and intimacy. 


For Couples Retreats 

  • Our first meeting is a consultation with just you or both of you.

  • Then, each of you will receive an intake form

  • Each of you will have at minimum 2-3 preliminary Zoom sessions with Me & Roger

  • and at minimum 2 couples sessions with me or Roger or both Roger & I, and you and your partner on Zoom 

  • You come for your in person retreat

  • We have 2-3 + couples integration sessions on zoom post retreat.

We also can keep working individually as well.

We customise the retreat for the two of you upon consultation. 

Click here for services to learn more about session work.


Retreats Do Not Include:

-Housing: You will be staying in an Air B&B close-by. Here are some suggestions for you in the link.

-Some of your meals will be your responsibility on the days you are on your own,  in your own sadhana in between the days we will be together.

-Transportation- You will need a car

-Rates do not include the preliminary and integration sessions. Those sessions you'll book via calendly or through this site and pay for those sessions upon checkout. 

We recognize that, “In the same way that I care about my soul and how it is going to manifest, I care about the soul of my interaction with you.
-AH Haamas


Vision Fast Nature Solo
Aug 13-20


On a vision fast, we leave the modern world behind for a time to sit with ourselves and the land and Great Spirit in the hopes of understanding what we were born in this lifetime to do. What is our calling?

What will benefit not only ourselves but the whole cycle of creation?



TAW (The Artists Way) offers a 12 week transformative journey

that can reawaken your creativity, provide a path for personal growth, and bring a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment to your life.

It is a way to rediscover remember and nurture the artist within you. Through our intentions and the connection we forge, we are vessels, conduits for a greater force, God/dess living through us. In this collaboration, we weave the fabric of existence with the inspirations that open up possibilities and regenerative divine purpose/beingness as we walk in the prayer of our souls. 

A unique and special professional training.

As we listen to the language of our body, we decipher the subtle whispers of its hidden truths. We become fluent in the unspoken dialect of its postures, movements, and tensions, revealing the unconscious adaptations that have colored our life experiences. In the embrace of prayer, intention, and deep integrative healing, you will witness the emergence of a more vibrant, liberated, and whole-hearted version of yourself.

In this sacred union of trauma-informed care, ancestral reverence, and the Akashic records, we create an alchemical space where transformation thrives. Our journeys becomes an intimate dance, an exquisite tapestry woven with threads of healing, self-discovery, and the remembrance of our true essence.


Step by step, we venture forth, breathing life into the dormant embers of our beings, awakening the truths, intelligence and radiance that lies within. 

The Heart of Transformation

A Training for Guides in Ontodelic Inquiry


For coaches,

psychedelic guides

psychedelic integration coaches,





body workers,

therapists & clinicians

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