Retreats & Workshops

Retreats are offered in various locations.


3-5 Day Small Group Immersives 

Berkshires MA

Custom Dates

Best Friends

One on One 1-5 Day Immersive Retreat

Berkshires, MA

Custom Dates

Romantic Couple

Couples 3-5-7 Day Immersive Retreat

Berkshires, MA

Custom Dates

Couple with Dogs
Trees and Mountains

Exclusive 1-7 day retreats
Individuals + Couples
in the Berkshire Mountains

  • For those who want to deepen connection to self, body and soul.

  • To catalyze creative breakthroughs

  • Deepen self-understanding, heal, 

  • Work on your relationship with your partner or loved one

  • And/or feel ready to prepare/make your next big ‘leap’ in life.​

Personal & Small Group Retreats

This is a super special and powerful opportunity to meet yourself deeply in an immersive exploration of soul. The retreat will be a uniquely and specially tailored guided experience geared toward deep healing, embodiment, creative discovery and revelations of the truth of the soul. 


  • Immersive deep dive Somatic healing sessions  

  • Breath work

  • Body work

  • Art therapy

  • Embodiment practices

  • Ceremonies and rituals

  • Lunch and snacks and dinner the days you are with me (all meals are organic whole foods. Meals are customised for you and what will support your body constitution.

  • Solo time with suggested + optional solo practices


How do we go about setting up a retreat?

For each person coming on the retreat if you are a group-

And for each person interested in a one on one retreat- 

We would have a preliminary consultation to connect and learn more and see if we feel like a good fit.

If we are a yes, and will move forward, I will send you an intake form with a list of questions around your history, intentions, practices, relationships..etc

We will have at minimum, 3 preliminary weekly zoom sessions to establish rapport crystallise intensions, practice deepening in the experiential somatic healing sessions, work with prayer and process what arises. 

You'll come for your in person retreat 


We will have between 3/4+ sessions on video in the weeks/months afterwards to integrate the insights you gained on your immersive retreat and how the unfoldments impacting your life.

Support Group Circle

Online Immersive
For Couples

Happy Couple

Deepening Intimacy | Harmonizing Connection & Power

A Month-long Experiential Journey
| 7 Parts |

Starting Nov 4, 2022

January, 2023

Snow Forest Road


Deepening Intimacy | Harmonizing Connection & Power


Open to participants who have completed the
Month-Long Online Immersive in Nov 22'

Limited to 4-5 couples

Couples Retreats
Just for you & Your Partner


Couples counseling approach is informed by Gottman, Kessler's survival strategies, attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, Hakomi Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy. It represents a mindful, body-based, experiential, and trauma-framed process modeled on the expectation that external relationship dynamics reflect the internal -- balancing freedom and connection, honoring cycles of differentiation and integration, moving not into fusion but toward the interdependent partnership of two whole and separate individuals.


The shared growth journey of two ever-changing people remains a lifelong process. 


We can discover true nature through the relationship as a spiritual practice. 


Common issues for many couples include:
  • Communication and negotiation,

  • Personal and relational boundaries,

  • Differentiation and individuation,

  • Unmet needs,

  • inllaws and family integration.

  • Many couples seek therapy after an affair,

  • At the point of breakup,

  • When feeling neglected or smothered by a partner,

  • When continuously triggered by a partner's behavior that doesn't seem to change,

  • or when feeling emotionally numb, like living a ships passing in the night kind of thing.


Trauma disturbs one's ability to connect and remain connected at an intimate level. Seemingly harmless words or actions can trigger a change in states and instant conflict.

There's an ongoing process of differentiation, discarding, recognizing what is, grieving what was, and integrating all of this into the present moment. 


In therapy we begin with foundational concepts and somatic explorative practices based upon understanding the core survival strategies that exist and manifest in our personalities and deeper layers of seeing and experiencing ourselves in the world. 


The understandings of our patterns help us understand the primary and ancestral experiences that inform and influence the lens we perceive the world from and how we interact relate react or respond in relationship to self other and the world.

We also learn what engenders compassion and evolution and what blocks it.


As you deepen and progress, we work with advanced somatic practices and processes that help us bring more compassion and care towards ourselves and our partner into our everyday lives.


We want to learn how to be with each other in a way that will deepen and expand the relationship, give it the freedom, and the opportunity to develop its potential.


Just as our soul can develop, our relationships can develop. 


A relationship between two people is a kind of soul, a type of field of consciousness; it can either be blurred to its true nature or it can be transparent to it.


Transparency and congruence of the individual and couple allows the luminosity of true will or true nature to manifest within the relationshipand through it. 

Such transparency requires both people to be sincere in their interaction, caring about what happens in and to the field.

We recognize that, “In the same way that I care about my soul and how it is going to manifest, I care about the soul of my interaction with you.
-AH Haamas


We move in the realms of- "I have the opportunity here to discover and experience your truth, and mine, and to learn how we can both develop further through our relationship. The more I come to know you, the more I come to know myself. "


Each Person, each relationship, each interaction, is special is unique with special gifts preferences, woundings, truths etc, Each interaction is an opportunity for life to manifest its possibilities.


If you feel yourself on the fence about the relationship, this is an opportunity to clarify your own needs.


If you want out, this may be a chance to honor yourself while at the same time giving yourself and your partner the gift of understanding the big picture and perhaps the ability to avoid getting stuck and repeating the same relationship again in the future.


If you are here to repair the relationship, this is a chance to get to know yourself and your partner better -- to honor the strengths and pains of both partners.


It is also an opportunity to learn ways to help one-another regulate and feel connected -- a team facing this world together.


Establishing safety in counselling is primary.

If we can physically experience, in session, a felt sense of love and safety, the entire relationship changes.  Defenses soften, or even collapse as the trauma begins to heal and allows upward spiral in connection strategies and intimacy. 


We customise the retreat for the two of you upon consultation. 


For Couples Retreats, I work in tandem with my Husband, Roger. 

  • Our first meeting is a consultation with just you or both of you.

  • Then, each of you will receive an intake form

  • Each of you will have at minimum 2-3 preliminary Zoom sessions with each of us individually,

  • and at minimum 2 couples sessions with you and your partner together with Roger and I on Zoom for couples online sessions

  • You come for your in person retreat

  • We have 2-3 + couples integration sessions on zoom post retreat.

We also can work individually as well. Many of my clients I have ongoing relationships with where we may work weekly, bi monthly, monthly, every few months, or when they feel they need support.

The sessions are powerful medicine journeys in themselves. 


Click here for services to learn more about session work.


Retreats do not Include:

-Housing: You will be staying in an Air B&B close-by. I will make suggestions for you.

-Some of your meals will be your responsibility on the days you are on your own,  in your own sadhana in between the days we will be together.

-Transportation- You will need a car

-Rates do not include the preliminary and integration sessions. Those sessions you'll book via calendly or through this site and pay for those sessions upon checkout.