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"Healing presence is a real thing. I’d actually say it’s the highest thing. Antonia is a channel for that. Words, pointers, and experiences in a therapeutic relationship are helpful - yet, it’s that healing presence that clicks in the relationship and allows major shifts to occur. Grateful that Antonia is an agent of that in the world."

-Michael Wright

"You can trust your own unfolding"

Your subconscious mind is like the secret architect behind the scenes, that shapes, moulds and reshapes your thoughts, beliefs, who you are, what you like, and your habits—often before you realize it.

It's like this hidden force in your body, cells and nerves. It lives in you and in the collective, it talks to you through your dreams as well.... whether you remember them or not....and it drives so many behaviours and beliefs that can be challenging and confusing. 

But Guess what? It's not just in your head,  it's even written in your DNA.

But here's the cool part: you can tweak this subconscious coding. 

It's super flexible and loves good change. In fact, it's evolving all the time, as we speak. 

The power it holds is enormous. When you figure out how to navigate this part of yourself, it's like getting the ultimate 'cheat key' to the whole human experience.

Embark on a transformative journey with me, where you'll gain:

  • Unlock the profound healing potential by understanding the language of your body and decoding messages often manifested through discomfort, pain and emotions.

  • Tap into the magic of presence, creativity, wonder, and intuition – your natural remedies.

  • Acquire mindful tools for processing, building awareness, and enhancing your capacity.

  • Dive into multi-level, inter-dimensional healing for holistic integration.

  • Rediscover your complete potential, finding security in embracing new possibilities.

  • Address and heal the roots of challenges affecting your mind, body, and soul.

  • Reclaim your strength by unraveling behavioral patterns and understanding developmental stages rooted in core wounds and beliefs.

  • Embrace a new perspective, experiencing yourself and the world in a refreshing light.

  • Master non-linear goal-setting approaches that infuse play, fun, and creative flow into your journey, guiding you towards achievement.

  • Re-code responses to common triggers, to become free from the effects of past memories, including even the oldest trauma patterns 

  • Release unconscious patterns, and “wire in” new ones

  • Experience yourself and the world in a new way.​​


As we heal the past, and unlock the patterns, we reveal the future.

 Ontodelic Inquiry

+ Assisted Self Discovery

Roger and I are the creators of our method called Ontodelic Inquiry.

Ontodelic Inquiry is a somatic modality that explores the depths of truth through the body, our soma, through sentience, bringing awareness and attention to what is alive. We unravel habitual patterns and survival strategies, paradox and what's wanting to be seen to complete cycles and reveal new ways of being.

What does ‘Ontodelic’ mean? Greek word ‘Ontos’ meaning "a being, individual; being, existence.”

Delous in Greek means “to reveal, to shine forth, to make visible.”

So, ontodelic is the revelation of being, the unfolding of being. And it carries a shared root with the word psychedelic, which is the revealing of the psyche. 


Now there are many ways to look at our experience,  and we hold several very important ways: psychological (developmental, many models, needs, relational), phenomonological (mythopoetic, signs), scientific (chemical map, neuroscience, brain map), shamanic (Medicine wheel), and metaphysical (chakras map, dimensions, energy, Diamond Approach). We ground our approach in all 5 and hold them all to be vital ways to interpret our experience and be able to hold the paradox of different views of experience being simultaneously true and yet even possibly contradictory and still both true with love and attention..Something magical happens there. Something usually surprising happens ...right in that space. 



What Happens in a Session?

Curiosity & presence inevitably support cultivating deep awareness clarity and healing or I like to say, whole-ing . Working with the wisdom your body,  you attune to your own highest guidance & intuition... 



What makes Ontodelic Inquiry unique

is the innovations of different methods and lineages.

Including Hakomi which supports as the foundation of my practice. Hakomi has roots in the Tao Te Ching.

Hakomi has changed my life, my practice, my relationships on a deep level. 


I call the fusion between Hakomi, hypnotherapy, NLP, The Diamond Approach, intuition, Personality maps, ritual, prayer, curanderismo, the akashic records, breathwork, the wisdom of trauma and more.

It's like a mindfulness-centered, somatic and psychologically grounded spiritual practice that goes beyond cognitive talk therapy. This integration has enabled me to provide a more profound and transformative level of assistance to my clients in resolving their challenges.  I've experienced the most significant breakthroughs personally and with clients through working inside of Ondodelic Inquiry.

With every step, we create a nurturing space for your inner wisdom to unfold, like a delicate blossom reaching towards the sun.


In Ontodelic Inquiry, we use mindfulness to understand how our subconscious mind works and integrate it into a higher level of functioning.

Through somatic exploration, we dive into the vast ocean of your experience, where profound revelations await.

We uncover subconscious cellular memory, patterns and survival strategies that drive your challenges bringing awareness which in turn opens up freedom.


We conduct "little experiments" 

to see how your system system responds to small changes in your experience.

These experiments are designed to be kind and nourishing, and can involve touch, kind words, slow movement, or creative visualization. 

This reveals a special and unique roadmap for each client to overcome their challenges, develop their growth skillset, where organically we learn to lead with our own evolution. This kind of exploration and discovery brings wisdom and insight that help us forge new conceptions of self, others, and reality itself. You'll find in your direct experience; beliefs, memories, ancestors, and experiences that have shaped your journey and are an unconscious lens through which we interact with life from.

By observing how the system responds, organically, having our full attention, we gain more information about your subconscious wiring, and a more detailed map of your internal landscape we will reconsolidate memories that will cause you to transcend the boundaries of time, history and unnecessary suffering. 



These new understandings foster changes in the way our mind and body responds 

With increased awareness, compassion, and consciousness, you expand your capacities to integrate these experiences into your present presence and have new  interactions with your unconscious, in your relationships and in your world, coming from your wholeness.

Feel held, seen & listened to

As emerging frameworks take shape, crafted by your focused attention, they serve as pillars to nurture the version of yourself you're prepared to evolve into. This multi-dimensional strategy guarantees ongoing accountability, preventing you from feeling isolated or trapped in outdated patterns you've already surpassed but haven't fully shed.

You will BE the emergence of a more vibrant, liberated, and whole-hearted version of yourself.


I will bring highly experienced and personalized guidance, including intuitive intentional ʻspace holdingʼ from me. I have over 15 years experience with this life altering facilitation. With me as your guide, all of your experiences become rooted in, and curated by your intuition.  I will witness and reflect you in your realisations and clarity which leads to the deeper unfoldments that grace supports in your life.  

Meditation Class

Monthly online (Zoom)

Community gatherings

Every 3rd Thursday of each month (usually)

@6pm- 7:15 est

How do we shift our center of gravity?

Through this transformative experience, we will be expanding the capacities of our hearts, deepening emotional intelligence, connection to our intuition, and enhancing creative expression.


These sessions are guided by your sentience, intuition, & imagination, fostering wisdom & not just personal growth but also a shift in our collective consciousness. 

These Inquiry Circles are a place we drop in, slow down, listen, meet in the heart of presence, travel,  journey, witness one another as we share experiences, golden nuggets + downloads, & bigger questions & curiosities bubbling and brewing, and grow <3

We emphasize embodiment through:

  • Somatic inquiries and experiential’s

  • Guided meditations

  • Direct experience

  • Breakout groups

  • Guided Hypnosis journeys

  • Conversation and creative counsel.

As a collective, those called to join the circle that evening we always have some gracefully guided synchronistic commonalities and medicines to behold in the thematics of what we are working, discovering, healing or clarifying. 

Cost: $15 or + suggested contribution.

Venmo @Antonia-Vanoro  


No one is turned away!

Trees in the Wind
From falling in love… to standing in love together.

 | A 4-stage journey  |

Get to a totally new level as a couple in 13 weeks of supported discovery.

Heart to heart: Intimate, conflict-capable, and passionate.
Understood, seen, and communicated with in new ways.
Growing together into who you’re meant to be.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 13.07.18.png

6 Month Mentorship


Embodied Creative Power & Leadership 

6-Month Journey:

Breakthrough Transformation

In Any Aspect of Your Life

  • Preparing for your next level relationship
  • Opening your intuitive gifts
  • Birthing a creative project
  • Upleveling yourself in your current relationship
  • Deep healing & transformation 
  • Emotional empowerment
  • Stepping into your greater calling 


The Rainbow Bridges

Retreats and Advanced Facilitation 
for Consciousness Raising Evolutionaries

Building Community Support for Conscious Spiritual Evolution


Enlightened Leadership * Healing * Purpose * Community * Service * Art


Hands on Healing ✧ Half Day Retreat 

Where Spirits and Bodies Unite!
Embodied Wisdom, Empowered Living

A deeply immersive experience for individuals seeking profound healing and personal growth. 

Grounding the Soul, Nurturing the Body

By combining different practices, you will embark on a wholistic journey that addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 


We work with a well rounded blend of elements such as divination, sound, song, earth elements, breathwork, Ontodelic Inquiry, experiential postures and intuitive movements done in mindfulness, trauma release techniques, tremoring, intuitive skills, ritual/psychomagic in conjunction with hands on healing and integration in the session.


These sessions move energy, releasing blocks and illuminate your highest path.

Explore your questions with guidance from your higher self & your guides. 

The emphasis on trust, intuition, the body's inherent impulse to heal itself through your body and spirit’s innate wisdom, we create a nurturing environment for your personal growth and transformation. 



These sessions are limitless, allowing you to explore your deepest inquiries. 

We will drop in together and talk first, work with prayer, and intention facilitating connections with your higher guidance system, shedding light on what is emergent at this time for you. 

This is a ceremonial space with an opening middle and closing.


Reiki Healing
Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 16.31_edited.png




Traditional breathwork practices are found in yoga, shamanism, and mystical traditions to connect with higher states of consciousness and guides, to expand consciousness, gain clarity and insight, and experience profound benefits beyond the physical.

Combined deep and shallow breathing with vocalization, massage, and energetic movement help heal, reduce stress, and experience deep insights that support our personal development.


Breathwork techniques can release the learned responses that are embedded in the subconscious, such as core beliefs and behaviours, protective strategies, agressions, and habits that can be challenging to change.

In Person 

Monterey Community Center

468 Main Rd

MA. 01245

Last Wed of every month (Check Cal for dates)



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