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The Heart of Transformation

A Relational Method of Mindfulness Based Assisted Self Discovery 

Next Dates TBD

Online & In Person

For coaches, facilitators, yoga teachers, healers, practitioners, psychedelic guides and psychedelic integration coaches & and therapists 

SASD is a gentle and profound inquiry practice that teaches a step by step approach to being with all of our inner states with curiosity and compassion.

Working in this kind of field of inquiry supports coming to know ourselves more deeply, builds our capacities to hold the paradoxes of life and in a more healing way, with an exceptionally attuned way of being with difficult, divided states, including inner critics and restrictions around energy flow.

SASD facilitates transformation and adaptation, even in deeply ingrained and resistant mindsets. During this training, we uncover enriching experiences that may have been suppressed by outdated, ingrained belief systems.

Our survival strategies that have a role in reinforcing long-held beliefs and survival tactics, are revealed.

Some of these tactics are linked to past traumas, family dynamics and intergenerational trauma.

Trauma is defined as an unresolved response by the autonomic nervous system to an event, rather than the event itself, which can affect individuals in vastly different ways.

The essence of healing from trauma is to acknowledge that unhealed trauma stems from incomplete survival responses.

Many people can remain trapped in automatic survival responses for extended periods.



The Rainbow Bridges 
Year long Immersive

Retreats and Advanced Facilitation 

for Consciousness Raising Evolutionaries

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